Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Uhuru Project

This will be our first project at Uhuru Blog. Tanzania has taken a brave step in joining the OGP, one of five African countries to do so, and has also secured a seat on the steering committee. Given the ambitious commitments put forward by the government and the praises which it has received for doing so, we think its only fair that someone should monitor this process.

Therefore in keeping with the spirit of citizen engagement which forms one of the core values of the Open Government Partnership, we at Uhuru Blog have decided to track the 25 commitments laid out in the draft action plan. We have a right to know whether our government is capable on delivering on its promises and to do this we need to track the promises in a systematic way.These commitments will be judged as either having been kept, broken or comprised depending upon its implementation (or lack thereof!). On our homepage you can quickly glance at the scorecard to see how well the OGP is progressing but for more in-depth analysis of individual commitments click on the The Uhuru Project tab.

If you are interested in helping us research any of the commitments please drop us a comment with your email contact details and we will get back to you!

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