Sunday, 17 June 2012

Campaign to enact Freedom of Information Act - UPDATE

48 hours after embarking on a campaign to engage Tanzanian MPs who are active on Twiiter, to take up the issue of Freedom of Information Bill and identify the cause of its delay we got our first reply. Dr Faustine Ndugulile, MP for Kigamboni,has agreed check with the relevant parliamentary committee under whose jurisdiction this falls (not sure which one it will be, maybe the Constitutional, Legal and Public Administration committtee?). We hope this cause will also be taken up by other MPs and that a question will be put to the Ministry in an upcoming Parliament session.

Two questions I would ask the Minister of Information:
1. At what stage is the Freedom of Information Bill currently at? And why is it delayed?
2. Give us an exact time for when we can expect the draft bill to be submitted to Parliament for debate (preferably before the end of 2012).

Uhuru Blog will keep you all posted and we also commend Dr Ndugulile for his prompt reply and action on this matter. Could this be a new era of highly responsive government? We can only hope.

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